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The mission of MassageLuXe/FaceLuXe Spas is to deliver the highest quality massage, facial and waxing services in an environment that is both luxurious and relaxing.

Since February 2016, the leader in skincare at MassageLuXe has been Director of Esthetics Tiffany Ferguson. Her knowledge, hard work and dedication to the growth of the esthetics department at MassageLuXe propelled her to her current position.

Tiffany makes sure all clients receive the best skin care treatments for their concerns, and that each client is recommended the most effective products for their skin type.

We asked Tiffany to share all the skin care tips and products that she and her clients are loving!

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What's your skin care routine and have you noticed a difference in your skin?

For a little over three years it's been ALL Repêchage!

I have oily and combination skin, and my oil has balanced out. 

I have an overall glow to my skin that I could never achieve and maintain with other products I have used in the past.

I instantly saw a difference in my skin when I first started using the products and have noticed a great improvement since.

What is your morning and nightly routine? 

This routine ensures my skin stays balanced and smooth, and helps with my main skin concerns -- oily/problem skin, pore size, fine lines and wrinkles.


  1. Hydra Refine Cleansing Mousse
  2. T-ZoneBalance Toning Complex
  3. C-Serum Seaweed Filtrate
  4. Hydro Complex PFS for Oily/Combination Skin
  5. Mineral Face Shield


  1. Hydra 4 Cleanser (to remove makeup)
  2. Hydra Refine Cleansing Mousse
  3. T-Zone Toning Complex
  4. Vita Cura Gold B3 Serum Complex
  5. Vita Cura B3 Elixir Complex
  6. One-Minute Exfoliating Mask (2-3x a week)

(Tiffany has added the new Vita Cura B3Serum Complex and Vita Cura B3 Elixir Complex to her nightly routine to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.)

What are the most common skin concerns you see?

At MassageLuXe locations all around the U.S., we see a lot of clients battling the visible signs of aging, as well as skin that appears sensitive from lack of care and protection.

What do you use to help these concerns?

Everyone wants to age gracefully and with the wonderful Vita Cura products and treatments this is possible for them.

For sensitive skin, the Red-Out Facial helps reduce the appearance of redness caused by lack of care, and/or over exposure to the elements.

What have the results been for clients since using these products/treatments? 

Clients instantly see an improvement in their overall complexion. I always notice an improvement in the visible firmness of the client’s skin.

Below is a before and after from a Red-Out Facial I performed when I first started using Repêchage.

This shows how great the Repêchage treatments perform even with little to no experience with the line.

(Photo courtesy of MassageLuXe -- Before/after one treatment of the Repêchage Red-Out Facial)

What do you tell your clients is the MOST important step in their skin care routine and why?

Cleansing! This is the first step in every regime for a reason!

Removing all the dirt, grime, makeup and buildup that accumulates throughout the day is so important.

I love Repêchage cleansers because they don’t strip the skin and have many beneficial ingredients for all skin types and concerns.

(Hydra 4 Cleanser is Tiffany’s personal favorite for removing makeup)

What are your top 3 care tips for clients?

  1. Take off your makeup EVERY night! (Hydra 4 Cleanser is my favorite for removing makeup.)
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of a great toner. (Algo Mist goes with me everywhere!)
  3. Always use sun protection.

What are your top 3 health + wellness tips for clients?

  1. Drink water!
  2. Get plenty of sleep to ensure your body has plenty of rest.
  3. Make time for yourself. Self-care is so important for a healthy body and mind.


*Over 58 locations, with MassageLuXe Spas in 14 states



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