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Try putting makeup on rough, flaky skin and you’ll soon discover a big problem – worse coverage than your cell phone plan! Why is that so? You probably haven’t been exfoliating. Exfoliating your skin before makeupapplication is actually one of the best celebrity makeup artist tricks for close-up ready skin.  But, you don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to put this tip into practice.  Here, we offer our insider advice on this essential skin care step.  

Why You Need to Exfoliate Your Skin

The key to effortless makeup application is smooth skin, and exfoliating 2-3 times a week is going to help you achieve it. If you have oil, dry or even combination skin, not exfoliating 2-3 times a week can cause dead skin cell buildup. If combined with oil and bacteria, breakouts can happen, making perfect #skingoals that much harder.

By sloughing off dead skin, you create a smoother canvas on which the makeup can adhere, making for a more even, flawless effect and longer wear. 

More Benefits of Exfoliation

With regular exfoliation, not only will your canvas be ready for makeup, but your skin will benefit in many ways:

  1. Pores will appear minimized because you’re removing the surface layer of dead skin, which tends to clog pores and make them appear bigger.
  2. Your other makeup and skincare products willbe better absorbed because there’s no dirt and debris in the way to block product from reaching your skin.
  3. Sloughing off that rough texture to your skin via exfoliating leaves a smoother surface, which light reflects more evenly from, allowing skin to glow naturally.

How to Exfoliate

As we’ve discussed before, there are a number of ways to exfoliate, from physically scrubbing off the dead skin from the surface to letting nature work its magic. Here’s a quick run-down of the most effective (and safest) methods of exfoliation. 

Physical Exfoliators 

These are great for quick at-home exfoliation or as a spot treatment for certain areas of your face (i.e. if your forehead is flaky).  Physical exfoliation is the method by which abrasion and friction help remove the surface layer of dead skin. There’s no guesswork involved, just make sure you’re not scrubbing too hard. You will find physical exfoliators, such as an exfoliating scrubor exfoliating maskmade with natural ingredients, such as crushed almonds, oatmeal, or rice bran wax. Always opt for ones made with natural ingredients over synthetic ingredients for safer and effective exfoliation.

Chemical Exfoliators

For a more professional exfoliation, you may want to opt for a chemical exfoliator. The best chemical exfoliantfor at-home is a marine peel that delivers controlled amounts of gentle acids to create safe and even peeling action. If you want to take it to the next level, request a gentle Repêchage chemical peel at the spa. Let your skincare professional choose a peel that will work best for your skin and won’t force you to take a week off from life for recovery. (Yeah, there are harsh chemical peelsthat do that…)

So, the next time you find your makeup coverage is lacking, or that your skin care isn’t as effective as it has been, consider a facial exfoliator made with natural ingredientsor marine peel! It may just uncover a new side to your cosmetics.

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