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As a skincare industry leader, we’re always here to help bust common skincare myths. One of the most common myths we hear is that getting a facial or using a face mask is going to remove your tan.

While we DON’T advise you to tan and DO advise you to always protect your skin,we understand everyone’s skin acquires some color in the warmer seasons.

The problem is, some of you think you look so much better, you don’t need to keep practicing good skin care. And others think that facials and masks will actually make the glow go away.  

If you do acquire a summer glow, don’t neglect skin care in fear of messing up your tan!

The Truth: Facials Won't Remove Your Tan

While certain facial treatments, such as chemical peel, can affect the appearance of pigmentation on your skin, there are many benefits of facials and using a face mask 2-3 times a week.

Facials and face masks won't remove your tan, but will instead benefit your skin by:

  • Helping your skin look more even toned
  • Removing dead skin cells
  • Allowing for smoother, glowing skin that will make your skin and tan actually look better

How Can Facials Help Post-Summer Skin?

Ask yourself, have you done any of the following this summer? 

  • Sat in the sun?
  • Used sunscreen?
  • Been in an artificially controlled environment? (i.e. air conditioning)

Chances are, yes, meaning your skin is in need of some TLC from an esthetician.

All of these factors can affect your skin, but post-summer facials will mean you won't be looking at skin that is dehydrated, appears dull, has blemishes, and is in overall bad shape.

Facials with seaweedcan give you the hydration boost, or the deep pore cleanse you need, allowing your skin to look plump not dry, deflated, or full of clogged pores.

Will Using a Face Mask Fade My Tan?

Not if you choose the right one! All skin types can benefit from using a deep cleansing face mask at-home. This will help your skin feel cleansed and refreshed without removing your tan.

Masking will also help remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother skin and a more even surface for light to strike and reflect from.

It's important to remember to exfoliate not just your face but your arms, legs, and other areas of your body. Using dry brush will help do the trick.

So, don’t skip a single step in your skin care routine – commit to a skin care routine all year long!

4 Responses


March 28, 2022

Hello I’m getting married Thursday and am getting a spray tan tomorrow morning at 9:30, I have a facial for tomorrow at 12 so I’m wondering if I would be ok to still get the facial after my spray tan? Or will that mess it up? Or would I be better off getting it Thursday morning


November 12, 2019

Charlotte, your skin can benefit from having a facial both before and after you tan. We explain the benefits above and you can check out this blog to learn the benefits of getting a facial:

Santhosh We will be emailing you with information. You can always feel free to email us at

Santhosh Kumar
Santhosh Kumar

November 12, 2019

I need permanent solutions for my face ,wch accoured lot of tan on forehead and black head ,nd i steped lot of facials ,spa ,but I’m not able to regain my face look better , suggest me for best results


September 19, 2019

Not a, just a question. Should I do a home facial before or after I tan?

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