Take a sensory vacation with NEW! Fusion All Natural products. This natural skin care line is based on rich, skin-nurturing organic coconut oil, which helps lock in essential moisture after exposure to the sun and other environmental elements, leaving skin revived, healthy and super-soft. This natural skin care collection is infused with a freshly harvested seaweed and organic aloe vera, to envelop your senses and skin with good-for-you natural ingredients that will make you feel like you brought the spa home.

FUSION is an all-natural skin care collection designed for ages 8 to 80, allowing children to be introduced to quality, skin care that protects their skin from pollution and environmental damage.

Experience the FUSION, the best from sea and earth!

For Professionals, look for our NEW FUSION Express Bar and Spa Masks, available in vanilla pumpkin, mixed berry, matcha (green tea), and chocolate, on pro.repechage.com.