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Repêchage - For All Salons and Spas

New ideas drive new business, and nothing inspires innovation more than seeing first-hand what we are doing all our salons. It is for this reason that President and Founder Lydia Sarfati travels extensively through-out the year, sharing the latest news and information on skin care with our partners as well as seeing firsthand all the latest trends in lifestyle and salon business. With all the latest Repêchage treatments and procedures, there is always something new to grow YOUR business.

At the Melange World Spa in Nuevo Vallarta, clients on vacation are interested in a massage, soothing body treatment or a vacation facial.


The WOW! Facial Bars in Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta promote the facial bar concept where clients can have treatments that are fast, convenient, and able to deliver results on the go.


Barber & Booze is a new spa environment strictly for men, where they can feel relaxed and fully enjoy the service combined with a full bar, with exotic cocktails served by mixologists.


The Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar in Guadalajara is a new spa where mothers and daughters can come together, relax and enjoy the benefits of great skincare.


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