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Proper skin care is important throughout your life, but we all should step it up when we start to mature. It may be impossible to turn back time, but following this list of do's and don'ts can help slow down the clock!


1. Stay in shape.

Internal and external health go hand in hand. By getting regular exercise and maintaining a balanced diet, you know your skin is doing its very best, delivering nutrients and circulating healthy blood flow throughout your body. Make sure to exercise 20 minutes at least two times a week, and get those greens in your diet!

2. Use an SPF.

We know that the sun, pollution, and the environment in general is one of the main causes of skin damage, and this includes fine lines and wrinkles. Especially if you have mature skin, you must apply an SPF cream to all areas of your face and body before you leave the house.

3. Add a makeup primer to your beauty regimen.

Applying a lot of makeup can actually have the opposite of the intended effect with mature skin, as it can cake up and cause lines to form where they shouldn’t be. Nip it in the bud with a makeup primerthat will help even out the appearance of any rough surfaces.

4. Hit the trouble (dark) spots. 

Over time, dark spots or age spots can form as a result of being in the sun or environmental damage. Mature skin types need to focus on skin brightening! Using a brightening face mask during the week can help reduce the appearance of dark spots and create a more even-toned complexion. 

5. Embrace your age.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the perfection that is you wasn’t either, so be proud of it! Don’t let the quest for youth make you forget all the best parts of maturity.

Make every laugh your heartiest, every smile from ear to ear, because those laugh lines represent the best parts of your life, and you should be reminded of all the happy memories when you look at them. Sure, no one wants to look as wrinkly as a miniature bulldog, but don’t stress the smiles.


1. Forget the déc(ollete) 

Perhaps one of the most neglected patches of skin, the neck area contains thin, delicate skin which needs love! Care for this gentle area with a firming moisturizer designed to help reduce the signs of aging. For extra TLC, be sure to apply a rich serum beforehand and layer the moisturizer over it.

2. Be a downer, literally.

When applying creams and lotions, be sure to use light, upward strokes. Gravity is already weighing you down all day, so don’t add to it! When swiping downwards with product, you’re increasing the sagging and wrinkling that your skin care is trying to fight.

3. Think you know everything about skin care.

With age comes wisdom, but that includes knowing where your strengths are, and where they aren’t. Don’t try deal with every skin issue by yourself - find a good esthetician. You can be assured that a professional will be giving your skin a once over and recommend the very best products for you.

4. Just use a moisturizer.

You’ve got age and experience on your side, so there’s no reason for you to stick to the basics, use that knowledge to your advantage! You most likely know how to moisturize and the importance using a moisturizer by now, so why stop there? Add in a "lifting" serum that targets fine lines, an eye cream for dark under eye circles and be sure to layer your skin care.

5. Wait any longer to start taking care of your skin!

Don’t wait until you’re 85 to step up your skin care. Hormonal changes can begin in your 30’s, so you’ll want to get a head start. A great deal of good skin care is prevention, so the earlier you start the better. Start moisturizing after you shower, begin using overnight creams, get specialized eye care products, and book those appointments with the esthetician!

2 Responses


January 27, 2023

Thanks for sharing. Actually, a proper skincare routine is important for mature skin. So, this information helps all women who have skin problems.

Amy Saunders
Amy Saunders

March 28, 2022

Hey y’all! Now, as I’m getting older I start to feel quite insecure with the way my facial skin evolves. Luckily, you did such a great job in explaining that keeping our skin moist every day should be enough to maintain its health and flexibility. I’ll certainly use this tip so I’ll look even more fabulous soon.

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