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 Your skin is not only the biggest indicator of age and health, but is also part of your body’s respiratory system. Working out? Detoxing? Skin is right there with you in the trenches.

And the first step to getting skin fit? Facials.These customized treatments are your first step to skin fitness. Think of facials as a skin workout, and the esthetician or facialist as your personal trainer.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a facial is and why to get a facial. Here, we’ve given you five little-known insights into the process. Your body will love you for it!

Your first facial is a revelation.

You will learn more about yourself, your health and wellbeing, and how it shows more than you think. Visiting an esthetician for your first facial  is the first time many people have their skin thoroughly analyzed, to help them see what they are doing right and where there may need to be some corrections or tweaking---they may realize they’ve been doing their routine wrong, or they are overemphasizing a certain step and not putting enough time into another.

Learning to grow and evolve your skin care routine is a big benefit of visiting an esthetician.

Facials don’t take a lot of time, unless you want them too.

Today you can get facials that only take 15 minutes, or facials that last an hour and a half; it totally depends on the treatment you choose. Find a spa near youthat offers express treatments. These types of treatments are great to receive during a lunch break or before heading home for the day, so you can keep your skin on point without having to set aside a whole block of time for facials.

For those who like to set aside a portion of the day, you can also be treated to a premier facial, such as the Four-Layer Facial, which will have you in ecstasy for over an hour. Don’t be fooled by the length of treatment though and expect a 15-minute facial to be lacking in benefits -- They are just as powerful as the rest.

Facials can be bonding experiences.

Gone are the days of facials being performed in secluded rooms at the back of the spa. Today there is the concept of the facial bar, a set of spa chairs set up like hair dressers chairs so that services are performed out in the open.

This doesn’t mean you must chat with the esthetician or your neighbor, but it makes getting a facial a social occasion and removes some of the mystique and questions people have about what goes on in the spa back rooms.

In fact, Mommy & Me, Girl’s Night and special event private group facials are becoming the hottest spa treatments worldwide!

Facials work best as a regimen.

We would all love to receive one treatment and be over with having to take care of our skin, but it just doesn’t work that way.

To get the best results from facials, you must continue to make appointments with an esthetician throughout the year. That’s not to say you're skin wont see the  benefits of a facialafter one treatment, but to see those results regularly, book your revisits.

Facials make great gifts!

The only thing better than treating yourself to a facial is giving someone the gift of a facial. You may know someone who works hard and is always helping other people out but never finds time to pamper themselves. These people are usually the kind to never visit the spa, but you can be sure they would appreciate it!

Giving a spa trip as a gift shows that not only do you care about that person, but you care about them long term and their skin health.

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