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Are you a beauty fanatic? Do you love going to the salon to have your hair blown-out, get your nails done, and have a professional makeup artist work their magic on you? If so, we’re here to remind you to make sure you’re NOT missing the last piece of the beauty routine puzzle: skin care. After all, as most makeup artists would agree, flawless skin is the unsung hero and foundation to beauty.

While some may perceive skin care as a “less exciting” aspect of beauty, we totally disagree. A trip to the spa with friends can be so fun and relaxing!

And if you’re enjoying a night in with friends, a spa party at-home can be just as rewarding for your skin. In fact, for those of you starting college, a night in with your new dorm friends can be just what helps you break the ice (and your breakouts!)

Book a Spa Trip

As we said before, spa trips don’t have to be just for special occasions. The next time you and your friends are looking for a day trip, consider booking a group spa outing. If the traditional concept of visiting the back room for a one-on-one, relaxing session with an esthetician is up your alley find a spawith this setting.

However, these days spas are going beyond tradition. Some spas offer the Facial Bar concept. With this concept, facials are performed out in the open meaning no isolation from anyone! Hence, more time to socialize, take some selfies, post on your Instagram, and chit-chat with your friends.

Throw a Spa Party At Home

If you and your friends are spending a night in, spa-time should also be part of the equation! Face masks are an amazing compliment to wine (or soda) night, and are the easiest way to get on track to good lookingskin while having fun doing it. Have everyone bring their favorite beverage and favorite face mask and try new ones out. And remember masking doesn’t have to be the sole focus of your night – you can still binge on Netflix, for example, while multi-masking.

A night that involves spa is also a great time to share your skin care routines and learn skin care tips from your friends. You may discover that your friend’s seemingly carefree flawless skin actually is the result of a proper skin care routine, regular facials and reading beauty and skin care tips. Or, maybe that D.I.Y mask you were planning on trying really falls short of expectations.

There’s so many ways to jump into the world of skin care, and it doesn’t have to be a solo journey. Have each other’s backs and make skin care fun!

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