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How to Get the Perfect Selfie Skin
October 14, 2016

Whether you like to take the traditional selfie (alone) the"usie" (with a friend), or wait for special occasions like Halloween to start snapping away, there’s nothing worse than having to snap 10 times before you get the right shot! To prevent wasted time and frustration, here are our favorite beauty tips to help you have a face that is camera-ready anytime!

There are unwritten rules (always angle down, never angle up!), special devices to assist in getting the perfect angle (selfie stick anyone?) and even prescribed poses (quack quack), all to get the “Best Selfie Ever”. But the real difference maker - your skin! Below we share our guide so you can have picture-perfect skin.

Skin Care (Night)

Face Mask

Yes, this routine begins the night before! For those seeking a truly flawless face, apply a face mask the night before. An exfoliating face mask will help lift away those dead skin cells and give your skin a glow, or if your pores are a problem, a deep-pore cleansing mask can help shrink them down to size.

Attack problem/oily skin

Yes you can rely on Photoshop to improve the appearance of problem or oily skin, but it’s time consuming. You want to be able to snap and upload! So make sure your skin looks clear and smooth by using a drying lotion. For best results leave on overnight.

Skin Care (Morning)

Step 1: Diminish the appearance of puffiness 

Grab a pair of cotton eye pads soaked in a blend of black, green and white teas and lay it across your eyes for a refreshing pick-me-up in the morning.

Step 2: Cleanse 

A good way to prep your skin is an appropriate cleanser. For instance, those who want a dewy look to their skin should user a hydrating cleanser, while sensitive skin should seek a cleanser for sensitive skin that is gentle and effective.

Step 3: Mask again

Think you don’t have time? Think again, nowadays you can get dramatic results in one minute with a quick face mask! They will work to slough off any rough dead skin and give you a smooth canvas to work with before applying makeup. Don’t forget: exfoliate your eye brows to remedy dry, flaky skin.

Step 4: Tone & Serum 

Use a toner to counteract any perceived imperfections such as the appearance of uneven skin tone, dryness, or whatever your concern may be. A serum rich in vitamins, minerals and other essentials will be sure to provide the glow to your skin that will rise to the top of any photo. A little tip, dab some serum on your exfoliated eyebrows to rehydrate and nourish your freshly revealed skin and brows.

Step 5: Moisturize 
To get that perfect glam shot, dewy skin is the trick. Ask any selfie connoisseur - skipping out on a moisturizer isn’t an option – choose one that really makes skin glow with light reflecting pigments.

Step 6: Prime 

Priming is the final step before makeup application, and can give you another opportunity to smooth out any rough patches if you use a primer with minerals. This will give you a smoother texture by blurring out fine lines and bumpy textures.

Makeup Application

What are the makeup necessities? Concealer, foundation, powder, and a setting spray!

Step 1: Conceal 

Start with applying your concealer under your eyes to reduce the look of puffiness and cover dark circles.

Step 2: Foundation

Follow with a non-comedogenic liquid foundation to create an even looking skin tone.

Step 3: Powder

Set your foundation with a translucent mineral rich loose powder to achieve a flawless matte, non-greasy look.

Step 4: Setting Spray

A setting spray has a number of functions and is absolutely necessary for snapping throughout the day. First, setting sprays can smooth the appearance of your skin, and second, they offer the perfect amount of hydration in a few spritzes without messing up your makeup, setting you up to have glowing and fresh skin for the next picture. A seaweed based misting spray also helps to soothe and moisturize.

Bonus Selfie Tips

Lighting is key! Opt for shooting in the morning to maximize the benefit of natural light, as it is the best light to shoot in. In line with this advice, go for shooting outdoors if you can. If it’s raining or just plain inclement weather, inside by a window is a good option. If your setting selection is limited, just get a ring light for even, bright illumination in any environment.

Use that forward facing “selfie” cam! It’s not just the convenience of seeing yourself as you shoot without needing a mirror, these cameras actually have technology in them to soften the appearance of skin texture automatically. If you’re using a more professional DSLR type camera, go for the “beauty” mode.

What other tips do you have for the perfect selfie? Share with us all in the comments below!

*This blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Always seek the advice of your doctor or health provider with any questions or concerns you may have about a medical condition.

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