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True life: I’m an almost 34-year-old mom of two, with a third on his way — due in early August — and the last time I had a facial was a few months before the pandemic started (it was actually just after I had my daughter in fall of 2019, and I was OH SO DUE for some relaxing mama time). It’s crazy to think it’s been so long since my face got some love, but once the COVID virus took hold of the world, I won’t deny how easily I was able to abandon all forms of Danielle-adored self care (balayaging my hair at the salon, simultaneously loving and hating waxing appointments, etc.). But upon finding out I was pregnant not too long after Thanksgiving, I knew it wouldn’t be long before my skin would be in dire need of some rejuvenation and repair. Finding out about and receiving the RepêchageHydra Dew Pure⁠ Moisturizing Lift Facial couldn’t have come at a better time… If you’re currently pregnant and wondering whether or not you should say ‘I do’ to Hydra Dew Pure, let my incredibly positive experience offer you some resolve and motivation to book an hour of “me time” sometime soon. It was fantastic. 


I’ve been pregnant twice before, and never really felt like I exuded any bit of that “pure” pregnancy glow. With both my son and daughter, I broke out during the first eight to 10 weeks of gestation and then went completely dry. My lips were constantly chapped (and tepidly responsive to balms or sticks), my cheeks were dry to the point of flakiness (which was a real treat any time I would even think to put foundation on), and I lived with an underlying feeling of tightness in my face all day long. That was then… and now, during my third pregnancy, I can say that the skin issues/symptomatology were all familiar, but to an extent that was 10X worse and more uncomfortable than I’ve ever experienced before. Constant toggling between oiliness in my T-zone, followed by extreme dryness, then back to acute breakouts. In a few words, sheer loveliness.

any hydration I could get in my body, and my skin was, for lack of a better word, doomed. That’s why I’ve had such a torrid love affair with the new Hydra Dew Pure Collection, formulated specifically for dry, compromised skin. Not only are the products all-stars for treating myparticular pregnancy-prone skin concerns — dryness, sensitivity, and visual dehydration — they’re cleangentle, and pure, three qualities I seek, without fail, whenever I’m pregnant and pursuing skin health for two.

THE FACTS + THE TRANSPARENCY (which every pregnant mom can definitely get behind) 

Though this line was specifically formulated with natural, skin-cushioning ingredients to help strengthen, restore, and renew the appearance of the skin that has been visibly compromised by environmental aggressors such as pollution and UV light, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and other aggressive treatments —hormonal compromise of pregnancy can be just as applicable here! 

Naturally scented, with a soothing aroma of 100% pure and natural essential oils of Rose, Citrus, Geranium, and wood, the professional Hydra Dew Pure™ Moisturizing Lift Facial and the retail Hydra Dew Pure™ Collection have been formulated to avoid harsh ingredients, and are Paraben-Free, Mineral Oil-Free, Free of Petrochemicals, and Free of Formaldehyde-Releasing preservatives. 


The facial employs all of the essentials in the Hydra Dew Pure Collection, but in a way that’s completely therapeutic, strategic, and even more effective because the estheticians performing the magic are so in tune with nourishing your skin and waking it up from within. 

I’ve been using the Hydra Dew Pure Starter Collection since late January, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the products — especially the Hydra Dew Pure™ Facial Essence Mist, which combines Laminaria Digitata Seaweed extract and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid with Aloe and natural botanicals to provide powerful, instant hydration, whenever I want or need it. 🙌  to pregnant women everywhere. But I can, in no way, replicate the esthetician’s procedural flow, the amount in application of products that will actually do anything (seriously, after having the facial, I’m blown away by how little product I was using), and how gentle and methodical they are. I have a baby inside, but the esthetician who performed my facial legitimately treated my face, décolletage, arms, and hands (the arm and hand massages were luxurious upgrades, just to point out) as if it were as soft, innocent, and delicate as a baby’s. So attentive, so coddling, so maternal, to be honest! 

What the 60 minutes were like and how my skin responded 

While I won’t go into the FULL protocol of this beautiful treatment, because it’s proprietary — not to mention, you’ll want to experience it yourself, with every step a surprise and delight — I do want to call out a handful (and believe me, every segment of the facial was amazing and noteworthy) of my favorite things and things that pregnant women may be especially anxious about. 

The consultation.
Any time you get a facial, you’ll want your esthetician to take the time to learn about your skin and tailor their treatment techniques and pressures to the circumstances of your complexion. You’ll want to be able to talk through your personal background, about any unique skin conditions or concerns you’re facing at present, along with any medications you’re taking or health considerations they’ll want to be abreast of.

I loved that Isabella (my esthetician) went through my consult sheet thoroughly and took heart of everything I was saying re: my pregnancy (at which point, I was 18 weeks along) and my Type 1 diabetes. I also loved that she was completely non judging. At 18 weeks pregnant, starting to feel the extra weight of the baby boy in my belly, and pretty self-conscious about the state of my skin, it was wonderful not to have to worry that my esthetician would be looking at my face with bias. 

She also made sure I was relaxed and at ease on the treatment table. For anyone nervous about laying on their back during the second trimester, I can assure you, I was never uncomfortable (dizzy, out of breath, or otherwise distressed/numb). 

The tools used to help maximize product absorption and benefits     

I did a little bit of research before arriving at my facial, just to make sure that any devices other than my esthetician’s hands were safe for me and the baby. Here’s where you might just want to give your healthcare provider (OB/gyn) a call in advance — just to do some recon on the tools and get their green light. The Ultrasonic Skin Spatula, the LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine, and the Silver Ball Massagers that were used on me in the Hydra Dew Pure Moisture Lift Facial were very gentle and non-invasive and I never felt scared when Isabella was massaging my skin with them. 

The spatula 

The device utilizes ultrasonic waves at 24000 Hz per second that work to gently remove excess dirt and debris while it stimulates and massages the surface layers of the skin. It truly just made my cleansing experience feel a lot more effective. The vibrations were calming and invigorating at the same time, and in my head, I could feel all the yuck on my face just [abrasively] scraping away.

The tightening machine

Each LED wavelength or color of light provides a unique benefit to the skin. LED treatments can minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, help reduce the appearance of dark spots and the visible appearance of sun damage and stretch marks, and reduce the appearance of redness and irritation from aggressive skin treatments as well as help improve the appearance of oily, problem skin.

This was my absolute favorite part of the treatment. After Isabella applied the Moisture Lift Serum, she gave it a boost with the LED machine — helping the serum better penetrate and sink into my skin. The serum was cooling on its own, and once it was massaged into my skin with gentle pulsing of the LED machine, I could instantly feel my skin sucking it up and getting plumper and tighter (in the best way).

She used the Red LED light for the majority of my skin, which enhances moisturization and works to eliminate the appearance of lines and wrinkles (and yes, at just-about-34, with two kids 5 and under, I definitely have them), but switched to the Blue LED light to treat the congestion on my chin. Now a week+ after my treatment, I can say with full confidence that the Blue light worked WONDERS on my oily problem area. 

Made of high-quality 316 grade stainless steel (which is incredibly antiseptic and antimicrobial, another amazing perk for pregnant women concerned with hygiene and cleanliness). Employed in conjunction with the facial massage, it stays cool to the touch while providing consistently correct pressure.

Isabella used two of these as a team when she was applying the Massage Cream and Eye Contour Cream and it was phenomenal. My skin got a rejuvenating workout that it hasn’t gotten in 2+ years: One that didn’t stress me out, rather, I think I might have fallen asleep for a few minutes! Total comfort and a balance of pressure that never felt damaging or dangerous. 

(that didn’t overwhelm or congest my skin)   

Once you’ve been cleansed, moisturized, and contoured (in the eyes), you’ll have a fluffy (and when I say fluffy, I mean full-whip, meringue-style fluff) mask applied and topped with Eye Rescue Pads — which I have loved and been a fangirl of for almost 10 years. Isabella asked if she could cover my lips with the mask for “extra hydration,” and of course I said yes, because my lips have seen MUCH better days….   

And this was when I got a nice bonus arm and hand massage. You know when you’re tense and your esthetician or massage therapist says “relax, let your arms go limp?” Well, I’ve never been able to do it, that is, until I had this blissful 15 minutes of arm attention while my mask, which Isabella also added a thermal Mylar Strip Mask to, dried/hardened.

She popped everything off — in one easy, fell swoop – removing any remnant mask with cotton and warm water, and then used the remainder of the Moisture Lift Serum and Eye Contour Cream (left over from the earlier part of the facial), plus the Hydra Dew Pure Facial Moisturizer to coat and envelop my skin. I kid you not, I felt like a new baby myself. Fresh from the womb and ready to rock!!  


Oh! And this was telling… 

About halfway through the facial, Isabella whispered “wow, sweetie, your skin is just drinking this up!!!” And she couldn’t be any more accurate. My dehydrated, pregnancy-compromised skin was thirsting for this facial for months, and every product was absorbed as if my skin was a straw soaking up water. 

Coming home with a face that was clear, deplete of redness, and with no inflammations caused by extractions (which are awful when you’renotpregnant, but if you are, they’re straight-up terrifying. Skin sensitivity is no joke when you’ve got a little one on the way) = a dream come true. And while I await a future facial, I’m just becoming a pro with my at-home care! 

If you’re like me and triggered by any aromas, regardless of whether they’re good or bad, then you’ll be thrilled to know that everything has a mild and gorgeously-pleasant scent.

Danielle Halibey is a writer, editor, and publicist living in New Jersey. She writes regularly for a plethora of millennial-focused women's interest sites including betches, PureWow, SheKnows, The Knot, Brides, Apartment Therapy, Style Me Pretty, and Wedding Chicks.

This post is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author. 


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