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You want to know her daily skin care routine? Are you ready?

Our CEO/Founder has been practicing proper skin care ever since she was a child, so her porcelain perfect skin, from head to toe, is a result of decades of dedication to skin care.

Naturally, everywhere she goes Lydia is asked what’s the secret to her flawless skin. What is her routine? Does she have a team waiting on her for 2 hours in the morning to get ready? We’re here to demystify the secrets of the Queen of Seaweed herself, so prepare to read the Lydia Sarfati’s Skin Care Routine!

Lydia’s Daily Skin Care Routine

Dry Brushing

“Every single morning, I use a dry brush on my body. I do dry brushing very thoroughly– fingers, both hands, feet, bottoms of the soles.

I LOVE dry brushing! It's invigorating, helps exfoliate those dead skin cells and really does leaves you with softer, smoother, and firmer-looking skin."

Masking + Body Care Routine

"Once I’ve finished dry brushing, I cleanse my face with Vita Cura Triple Action Cleansing Cream and then take a 10 minute bath. While I’m in there, I use the Triple Action Peptide Mask for hydrating, firming and brightening.

After bathing I take a short, cool shower, and do a full body massage using Vita Cura Triple Action Body Contour Cream. For shine and hydration I applyVita Cura Triple Action Nutrí Oil and use Vita Cura Triple Action Nutrí Crémeall over my feet. The glycolic acid helps to gently exfoliate and keep my heels so smooth.”

Facial Care Routine

“In the morning, I apply C-Serum Seaweed Filtrate Face Serum (It's the base of any good skin care routine!)

After C-Serum I apply Biolight Brightening Daytime Protection Cream, Opti-Firm Eye Contour Creamfor my eye area, and finish with Mineral Face Shield as my makeup primer.

I then apply my Perfect Skin Liquid Foundation and Perfect Skin Mineral Makeup before heading out the door.

At night I use C-Serum followed by a layer of Biolight Brightening Overnight Cream.”

How long is Lydia's routine?

“It seems like a lot but it is not! My whole routine, meaning I"m done, dressed, and ready with clothes and makeup, takes 30 minutes. People often ask, ‘How long is your morning routine, 2 hours?’ Believe it or not, I’m always done before my husband!"

So give yourself that extra time in the morning for some self-care, and the benefits will follow you for a lifetime.

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