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We know once you’ve experienced your first facial, you’re going to be rushing out to get another one right away.

After just one facial, your lackluster skin may look rejuvenated, hydrated, and tightened in addition to many other benefits, so why not get another one, say, tomorrow? Good question! If facials are so good for your skin how often should you get them done? Here’s what to know about what may become your favorite new beauty addiction!

How Often?

A facial is not a one and done type of deal. So, how often should you get a facial?

At the minimum: once a month. Skin renews itself every 28-30 days, so to get a true, deep cleanse and remove any accumulated dead skin cells on the surface, a monthly professional treatment will help.

Frequency of treatments can also vary depending on the type of treatment. Below we give a breakdown of different types of treatments, their effects, and generally, how often the treatment should be experienced.

Of course, always follow the advice of your skin care professional, who can best advise the appropriate frequency depending on treatment, your skin type and desired results.

Express Facials

These are facials quick enough to be performed during your lunch break, yet effective enough that you’ll think you’ve had a full spa session!

The Facial: Clay-Based Organic Express Facials

The Effect: Give skin a nutritive boost with serious deep cleansing power. Express treatments with natural ingredients that won’t sap your skin like Matcha Tea, Clays, and Fruit Extracts. Gentle enough for ages 8 to 80, these facials can usually be performed in spa chairs you frequently find in the facial bar setting, yet are plenty powerful.

How often? Twice a week if you and your bank account like!

At-Home Maintenance: Bring the spa home with clay-based masks, the latest skin care trend.

The Facial: Advanced Sheet Mask Facial

The Effect: Facial bars offer a number of quick express treatments that can even be quicker than the above-mentioned facials, such as a sheet mask.  If used in conjunction with spa equipment such as the galvanic current machine, this really can amp up the simple sheet mask to a professional level express facial.

How often? Advanced sheet mask treatments can be received once a week. (If you are pregnant, galvanic currents should be avoided.)

At-Home Maintenance: Though there are many sheet masks on the market, you’ll want to seek out a quality mask with reliable, natural ingredients that you would find in world class spa products. Look for a professional-inspired sheet masks to help target signs of aging, hydration, sensitive skin, and uneven skin tone. 

The Facial: Hybrid Brightening Cream Peel Facial

The Effect: One treatment is now being offered as an express treatment are new brightening cream peel facials that offer both hydration combined with the brightening and peeling action of glycolic acids. That means a peel that leaves you looking more lovely than you came, a rarity in peels nowadays.

How often? Express treatments that contain any sort of peeling or exfoliating element should only be done no more than once a week.

At-Home Maintenance: Don’t try peeling at home unless you are using a controlled cotton swab exfoliator.

Traditional Facials

These full-length treatments are the typical spa facial. Expect to be in the bed or Facial Bar chair at least 30 minutes.

The Facial: Hydrating Seaweed Facial

The Effect: A facial using seaweed based ingredients is especially helpful for dry and dehydrated skin types. A soothing, cooling seaweed mask treatment will hydrate as well as improve the appearance of skin tone and clarity, and leave skin with a clean and glowing complexion.

How often? Skin in need of a quick moisture boost can seek out a seaweed facial as frequently as once a week.

At-Home Maintenance: To make results last longest, we recommend following up with a seaweed-based moisturizerat home.

The FacialBrightening Facial

The Effect: Dull lackluster skin will be recommended to have a brightening facial, containing ingredients like Licorice, Vitamin C, and other potent natural ingredients. Factors that can influence the number and frequency of sessions include age, gender, skin condition and levels of photo-aging damage and percentage of Glycolic Acid or other peel ingredients. Expect your esthetician to advise waiting slightly longer between sessions than if you got the brightening facial sans peel.

How often? These will generally be most effective when received in weekly sessions over a five-week period, also followed by monthly visits for post-treatment analysis and recommendation.

At-Home Maintenance: Make the esthetician’s job easier and results appear more quickly with continued use of at-home brightening skincare products.

The FacialAge-Defying Firming Facials

The Effect: Designed to help invigorate and tone the appearance of mature skin, age-defying firming facials are crafted with the most advanced skin care ingredients available. Through ingredients like Shea Butter, Squalane, and Sweet Almond Seed Extract lend added moisture to the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How often? Mature skin that needs a reduction in visible fine lines may be told to schedule weekly appointments for six weeks, followed by monthly maintenance for the maximum effect, adjusting for age, skin condition and expectations.

At-Home Maintenance: Maintenance is made easy with the many great aging skin care products are available with ingredients you can feel safe using every day!

What Comes with Consistency?

Consistency is key! With regular facials, spa goers are likely to see a firmness and glow in their skin and experience less dry, depleted days.

Maintaining proper moisture levels are key keeping skin supple over time, and this is best done through facials with beneficial ingredients, such as seaweed. The esthetician will not only use professional level products, but can give you all the deets on how and why these products are working for you.

And, as we’ve discussed before, one of the best reasons why to get a facial is the knowledge estheticians offer. Don’t forget to take advantage of their professional recommendations post-treatment, to maintain the best results at home in between your next facial.

Remember, regularly scheduled facials and some at-home maintenance care is what it takes to Sea the Difference!


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De solace spa port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria

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