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Foundation is an excellent way to help conceal imperfections, create an even skin tone, give your skin a smooth canvas, as well as provide an extra layer of daily protection from the environment…but are you applying your foundation the right way?

Makeup artist Amanda Gray shares her expert tips on how to apply foundation, find the right shade, and prevent your foundation from looking cakey and oily.

1. How to apply foundation like a professional makeup artist:

The proper technique to apply foundation is to use patting motions. The biggest mistake I see people make is swiping up and down.

Apply your foundation from your face on down to the neck area with even patting motions to achieve consistent application and prevent uneven skin tone. 

2. How to pick the right shade of foundation:

Should your foundation match your face? Most people assume this is the right  way to pick a foundation color.

For a natural look, I always recommend you match the color of your neck. Do a color test on your neck area and see how it blends into your skin.

3. How to customize foundation: 

Finding the right shade for your face is super important, but skin tone can vary depending on the time of year and season.

If you've developed a sun kissed glow from summer, the best thing to do is blend foundations. Take your normal foundation and blend it with one shade darker to create a custom foundation that matches your skin tone.

4. How to keep your foundation from caking:

What you do to your skin before and after foundation application is going to prevent your foundation from cracking and separating.

a. Use a moisturizer and a makeup primer. A moisturizer is one of the key beauty tools for anti-aging and both are going to help create a smooth canvas.

b. Exfoliate! This is essential to do at least two to three times a week to get rid of dead skin cells and build up.

5. How to keep your foundation from getting oily

To help control skin from appearing oily, it is always essential to follow your foundation with a powder. Translucent Powder is a safe choice, as it blends super smooth into the skin and matches most complexions.

A proper skin care routine for your skin type is also essential, especially if you have naturally oily or combination skin.

shine control serum isespecially great for trouble areas like your t-zone and provides a matte finish.

6. How to choose a foundation brand:

When deciding which foundation brand to use on your skin, the most important factors are choosing one that is not too matte or dewy and that uses a skin-friendly formula.

Perfect Skin Liquid Foundation provides just the right balance it's not too matte and not too dewy. This helps you achieve a natural look.

Formula is also super important, especially if your skin is sensitive or prone to breakouts. This foundation is oil-free, mineral and seaweed-based, so it actually has beneficial ingredients for your skin, while providing excellent coverage.

Have more questions about foundation or makeup in general? Leave them for Amanda in the comments!

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