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Mother’s Day is around the corner, but we wanted to share with you a spa that shows moms love all year long: Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar is the first of its kind, focusing on catering to the beauty, health and the welfare of mother and daughters. This beautiful, fun spa is also an outlet where they can go to enjoy exceptional spa services together. 

To get some Mother’s Day spa inspiration, we chatted with spa consultant Mayola Amador who worked alongside salon owner Juan Carlos to bring the concept of Mamma Mia to life.

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What was the inspiration behind the concept of Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar?

We know that everyone leads busy lives!  There is less time for mothers to spend with their daughters, so we wanted to create a space that offers them a unique experience where they can enjoy activities together.  This is what inspired us to create Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar, where beauty salon and skin care services are tailored specifically for mothers and daughters. Both can relax and enjoy multiple beauty services in a contemporary, European ambiance, designed for moms and their princesses.

(Photo Credit: Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar/Instagram)

What services does Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar offer that both mothers and daughters can enjoy?

Mamma Mia provides hair services and cosmetic treatments, including Repêchage facialsmanicures, pedicures, hand/foot treatments, and innovative skin care products for at-home use.

(The pedicure station at Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar)

Since opening what has been the response from new and existing clients?

Our clients and little girls in particular are extremely surprised as soon as they enter the salon. Little girls' expressions have been “Wow! Is this for real?! This looks like a dream!!!” They all love the concept.

(Photo Credit: Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar/Instagram)

Why do you think the spa is such a great outlet for mothers and daughters?

The idea is that our clients can enjoy quality mother-daughter time that is as much fun as it can be! They can have different services under the same roof and experience beauty and relaxation together.

(Photo Credit: Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar/Instagram)

What is Mamma Mia doing to ensure mothers and daughters enjoy the best spa treatment possible together?

With the ‘Mommy and Me’ Facials not only are mothers and daughters getting pampered and spending quality time with one another, but they’re partaking in an activity that is both beneficial for their well-being and skin.

During this time, both can enjoy time together without distractions from the outside world and digital life. Both are treated to a Repêchage FUSION™ Facial based on flavors that mother and daughters of all ages and skin types love and enjoy. Whether it’s a FUSION™ Chocofina Facial, FUSION™ Vanillafina Facial, FUSION™ Berryfina Facial, or FUSION™ Matchafina Facial, all are based on natural and organic ingredients that have real benefits for the skin and encompass decadent aromas to create a sensory experience.

Why is it important for daughters to start taking care of their skin at an early age?

When it comes to having great skin for life you can never start too young.  Like eating healthy and staying active, skin care is an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

(Moms and daughters enjoy the FUSION Facials and at-home FUSION Face Masks)

Which facial treatments do you find are enjoyed by daughters and mothers the most?

Repêchage FUSION™ Facials are enjoyed by daughters and mothers and complement other services, including manicures, pedicures, hair services, and hand/foot treatments. It’s a fun and relatable concept that also offers an amazing platform to educate young women and their mothers on the importance of skin care. 

And of course, many mothers enjoy the classic Repêchage facial treatments for skin aging, including the Repêchage Four Layer Facial®, Repêchage Vita Cura® 5 Phase Firming Facial, Biolight® Miracle Facial, and Opti-Firm® Eye Contour Treatment.

(The Repêchage Four Layer Facial® is a treatment enjoyed by mothers at Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar)

Why do you feel Repêchage treatments are the perfect fit for Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar and its unique concept?

Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar uses Repêchage skin care products exclusively in this luxury Guadalajara spa. This location targets high-end consumers and clients who are looking for immediate and long term results in their skin care.  Repêchage is the perfect skin care partner in this endeavor, being pioneers in the science and application of natural and highly effective seaweed-based facials, treatments and products.

Mamma Mia Salon and Facial Bar:

Calle Ontario 1384,

Providencia 2a. Secc, 44639

Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

+52 33 2003 0997

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